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What will you learn in this program?
  • Cultivating herbs from a permaculture perspective
  • Designing an herb garden
  • A & P for herbalists
  • Botany for herbalists
  • Wildcrafting best practices
  • Herbal Medicine Making
  • Materia Medica - I will cover 50 medicinal herbs
  • Herbal Actions & Western Herbal Energetics


Our Herb-A-Month program gives you access to our membership board. Each month we focus on one herb, usually a seasonal herb allowing you to wildcraft or harvest during that time of year. I focus on a different aspect of the herb each week of the month:
Week 1: Identification, Distribution, Parts Used, & Folklore/History
Week 2: Medicinal Actions, Energetics, & Affinities
Week 3: Preparations & Dosage
Week 4: Additional Recipes & Downloadable Monograph containing all the information covered 

Available courses

Herbal Certification Program

This program includes Holistic Home Herbalist & assignments, quizzes and tests to qualify for the certificate upon successful completion.
View bundle $2,400

Holistic Home Herbalist

16 Sessions laid out in a logical way, no jumping around to different courses or programs to get everything you need to become a confident home herbalist. ~Cultivating Herbs (intro to permaculture principles) ~Designing an Herb Garden ~Anatomy & Physiology for the herbalist ~Herbal Actions ~Western Energetics ~Botany for the Herbalist ~Herbal Preparations ~Materia Medica - overview of 50 plants ~Wildcrafting You will have a year to complete the program once you have purchased it. This is perfect for someone that wants to take their time through the program and thinks it will take longer than 8 months. This is completely self-paced and independent learning. You will not have homework, quizzes, tests or certificate of completion with this option For access to activities, quizzes, tests, bi-monthly live calls, webinars, certificate of completion and official transcript please join the Professional Level Student program found here: https://huckleberrybotanicals.podia.com/certified_herbalist/2388/buy Looking forward to getting to know you Health & Joy Mon 
View course $1,399

Healthy Skin & Herbs

Looking for natural ways to increase skin health & vibrancy? Did you know our skin is considered the 3rd kidney in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is an important avenue of detoxification? This highly toxic world we live in can greatly effect the vitality of our skin, but there are herbal allies and lifestyle modifications that can enhance the quality of our skin. Join me as I dive into the deep end of skin health with an overview of the anatomy & the steps of wound healing; then we'll discuss therapeutic options for a few skin issues like eczema, acne, athlete's foot, ringworm and cold sores. This course includes handouts with notes and several recipes for skin health as well as a remedy-making video: Nourishing Herbal Infusion & Herbal Facial Toner.

Digestive Harmony & Herbs

It's easy to underestimate the importance of digestion for whole body health. Considering the standard diet, high caffeine intake of most people, and the immense stress load in we carry, it's no wonder the digestive system is out of whack. So let me ask, are you struggling with nausea, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, GERD, heartburn or generalized dyspepsia? Join me in this journey through the digestive system and discover some "herby" friends we can integrate into our lives. In this course we will delve into the digestive system and talk about some ways we can assist in the proper breakdown and assimilation of our food. Includes a thorough monograph for Taraxacum officinalis with several recipes and instructions for making your own Herbal Bitters.

Free Herbal Content

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Holistic herbal education for everyone

I've been using and studying herbs for over 25 years. My passion is herbal education. I want you to be confident & competent so you can incorporate herbs into your everyday life.