Pricing options


  • What age is this course intended for?

    We built this course geared toward kids aged 4-12. Younger children will need more help from their parents, while independent readers will be able to do many things alone.

  • What herbs will be covered?

    We will focus on plants that are easy to identify and/or grow almost anywhere: dandelion, yarrow, lemon balm, catnip, pineapple weed and plantain.

  • What types of activities are included?

    video lesson for each herb
    foraging PDF guides
    crossword puzzles
    word searches
    suggested poems and books
    online matching games
    scavenger hunts
    gardening projects
    coloring pages
    and more!

  • Will I have to help my child?

    If your child is a pre-reader you will have more to do. That said, we're hoping this course will provide a great opportunity for the entire family to learn and grow together!

  • Can I use this course for more than one student?

    Yes and no. You can enroll your family and use a single course for each of the children living within your household. However, you will only receive one certificate of completion. We offer special pricing of $49 for related students living under the same roof. Please contact us for more information about household discounts. We respectfully request that you do not share with people outside your home (grandchildren, neighbors, etc.)

  • I run a childcare or kids camp and would like to purchase this

    If you are a childcare provider, camp director, teacher, etc. and would like to use the curriculum in your school/program, please contact us for special pricing.

  • What are the instructor's qualifications?

    In addition to being a master herbalist, Monica spent 3 years running a preschool and homeschooled her children for another 20 years. She studied the Charlotte Mason Method, Waldorf, Lifestyle of Learning, Principle Approach and Classical Education. Monica built unit studies, lap book kits, started books clubs and reading lists and designed elementary, middle and high school curriculums based on which learning style was best for each of her children (and children of friends) who all graduated from their homeschool.