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  • Why Learn Planning?

    Are you struggling to figure out the direction you should go? Are your days filled with busy tasks but nothing is really getting done? Do you find you are more of a dreamer than a visionary? This course will help you focus your long-term visions and get on track to accomplishing big goals.

  • What Will You Learn?

    Three main sections that focus on different aspects of planning. The first section covers ATTRIBUTES that you should cultivate. The second section will outline a few CONCEPTS you need to understand in order to be a successful planner. The third section builds on the other two and gets to the actual work of the planning PROCESS. At the completion of the course you will be equipped and ready to tackle your projects with confidence.

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Introduction

    • Intro Notes

  • 3

    Section 1- Attributes

  • 4

    Section 2 - Key Concepts

    • Part 1 Effectiveness & Nirvana Fallacy

    • Notes-Effectiveness & Nirvana Fallacy

    • Part 2 Routines & Templates

    • Notes-Routines & Templates

    • Part 3 Deep Work vs Shallow Work

    • Notes-Deep Work vs Shallow Work

    • Part 4 Three "Laws"

    • Notes-Three "Laws"

  • 5

    Section 3 - Planning Process: Strategic Planning

    • Part 1 Dreams & Visions

    • Notes-Dreams & Visions

    • Part 2 Situational Awareness

    • Notes - Situational Awareness

    • Part 3 Themes & Milestones

    • Notes-Themes & Milestones

    • Part 4 Strategy & Tactics

    • Notes-Strategy & Tactics

    • Part 5 Feedback & Measurements

    • Notes-Feedback & Measuremetns

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