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Journey Deep Into One Herb

  • Get to Know an Herb

    When you really study an herb in depth for a month, you get to know it better. In this course, we dedicate an entire month to a single herb. We'll be focusing on the easy-to-wildcraft or grow, so you can immediately begin working with the live plant.

  • Folklore, History, Poems & Stories

    Herbs have been used throughout history as both food and medicine. But did you know that these same herbs are also connected to many cultures around the world? We will delve into some of the other meanings and significance of the plant within the context of various cultures.

  • Preparations & Recipes

    Knowing how to incorporate an herb into your life can be a bit of a challenge. Each month we’ll share some recipes and easy preparations to simplify the process.

  • Medicinal & Nutritional Benefits

    When studying herbalism, it's easy to get side-tracked by looking at an herb as "medicine" and forget that our food should be our medicine. Understanding how an herb can benefit us in ways beyond simple removing symptoms can aid us in appreciating the whole plant and not just its constituents.

  • Identification and/or Cultivation

    Learn ways to be sure you're working with the right plant! Knowing how to positively identify a plant is a valuable skill since it's the first step in wildcrafting. We'll also talk about cultivation techniques that allow you to expand your herb garden and bring native and non-native herbs into your space.

  • Harvesting

    Each herb has unique harvesting instructions. I will share the whens, whats and hows for each one. When should you harvest it? Before or after flowering? Fall, summer or spring? What parts should you harvest: leaves, flowers, roots, seeds or bark? How should you harvest it: cutting, digging, stripping, fallen branches, etc.? Learn the specifics so you feel confident using the plant.

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