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    Do you have questions, problems, or setbacks you could use help with? Are you wanting to move forward with a project but aren't sure how to plan it out or where to start? Are you considering purchasing a property but aren't sure if it will be what you need? These are all things we can talk about at our monthly video meet ups.

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    We require everyone to register for the video call. When you access this course you will see a chapter titled "Monthly Meet-Up" there is a link there to sign up. This is for members only and we only allow each member to sign up for 1 video call a month.

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    Monthly Video Meetup

    • Monthly Video Meetup

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    Downloadable Resources

    • Meat Rabbits for the Homestead

    • Seven Steps to Preparedness

    • Establishing Guilds & Food Forests

    • Preparing to Homestead & Goal Setting for the Homestead E-books

    • Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals Magazine Yarrow

    • Poultry for the Homestead