Theory is awesome

But in this course we stick to the practical

  • Soil - The Ins & Outs

    Soil is the foundation of successful cultivation of every type of plant. In this course, we will focus on ways you can build soil using biology over chemistry. We will explore several methods including composting, compost teas, using cover crops and green manures as well as diverse perennial plantings and more.

  • Water Ways

    If soil is the foundation for growing plants and raising animals, water is the lifeblood. You will learn how to slow, spread and soaking water through techniques like rainwater harvesting, use of gray water, increasing soil infiltration, mulching, building and utilizing swales and ponds plus more.

  • Gardening Know-How

    Learn gardening techniques from a permaculture/beyond organic perspective. I will discuss many topics including plant propagation, soil, biological fertilizers, growing annuals and perennials, choosing the right cultivars and species for your property, ways to manage pest & disease, what to do about "weeds", and how to get more out of your short and long term yields. (This is just a sampling of what will be covered over the course)

  • Small Animal Partners

    Whether you want to own and raise animals or not you can still partner with them. Learn small animal systems for your property that integrate instead of segregate to decrease your work and increase outputs. Are you limited on what you can do with animals? That's okay! You'll also learn ways to attract beneficial wildlife like many kinds of birds and beneficial insects to achieve the same outcomes.

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