Free Herbal Content by Monica Mitzel

Free Herbal Content

Free Content and a Sneak Peek at my Holistic Herbal Program

What's included?

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Herbal Program Content Sample
Program Syllabus
130 KB
Getting to Know an Herb
16 mins
A&P: Integumentary System Lecture 1
26 mins
Developing Your Senses Part 1
23 mins
Cultivating Herbs: Introduction to the Course
10 mins
Cultivating Herbs: Dill
Cultivating Herbs: Burdock
428 KB
Professional Student - Activities
Determining the Quality of the Herb PDF & Video
Making Bitters PDF
211 KB
Calendula Monograph.pdf
196 KB
Monographs & Herbal Recipes
Comfrey Monograph
180 KB
Hops Brief Monograph
250 KB
Recipes - Nettles 3 Ways
195 KB
Black Licorice Recipe
106 KB
Immune-Boosting Punch Recipe
Comfrey & Bacon
Chamomile Wine
Calendula Pilaf
Lemon Balm Liquer
Roast Carrot & Parsnip Soup with Lemon Ginger Cream
Holistic Health
What Goes In
Restorative Sleep
Stress Management
Program Posts
March - Dandelion Bud Capers
March - Dandelion & Borage Salad
March - Dandelion Pesto