Free Herbal Content by Monica Mitzel

Free Herbal Content

Free Content and a Sneak Peek at my Holistic Herbal Program

What's included?

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Herbal Program Content Sample
Program Syllabus
130 KB
Getting to Know an Herb
16 mins
A&P: Integumentary System Lecture 1
26 mins
Developing Your Senses Part 1
23 mins
Cultivating Herbs: Introduction to the Course
10 mins
Cultivating Herbs: Dill
Cultivating Herbs: Burdock
428 KB
Professional Student - Activities
Determining the Quality of the Herb PDF & Video
Monographs & Herbal Recipes
Making Bitters PDF
211 KB
Calendula Monograph.pdf
196 KB
Comfrey Monograph
180 KB
Hops Brief Monograph
250 KB
Recipes - Nettles 3 Ways
195 KB
Black Licorice Recipe
106 KB
Immune-Boosting Punch Recipe
Comfrey & Bacon
Chamomile Wine
Calendula Pilaf
Lemon Balm Liquer
Roast Carrot & Parsnip Soup with Lemon Ginger Cream
Nettle Pesto & Herbal Bath Blend Recipe
Plantain & Nettle chips with Herbal Salt
Lotion Recipe
Dandelion Fritters Recipe
Dandelion and Lemon Shortbread Cookies, Pine Syrup, Elderberry Syrup, and Rose Hips Jam
Holistic Health
What Goes In
Restorative Sleep
Stress Management
Program Posts
March - Dandelion Bud Capers
March - Dandelion & Borage Salad
March - Dandelion Pesto