Upcoming Summer/Fall Workshops

7 workshops to choose from all are $49 except Foundations of Permaculture which is an all-day class $59 All workshops will take place at our site in Cocolalla, Idaho except the all-day course which takes place in Bonners Ferry, Idaho

  • Aug 16 through Sept 20 - Herbal Apprenticeship - Instructor: Monica (FULL)

  • Aug 25 & Sept 29 - Herb Walk - Instructor: Monica $49 Save $10 by signing up early!

  • Enroll in the 4-part Permaculture in Practice & receive a 20% discount ($156.00)

  • Aug 18 - Permaculture in Practice: Water Strategies - Instructor: Sean $49

  • Sept 15 - Permaculture in Practice: Obtaining a Yield - Instructor: Sean $49

  • Sept 29 - Permaculture in Practice: Alternative Ag - Instructor: Ryan $49

  • Oct 13 - Permaculture in Practice: Soil Building - Instructor: Ryan $49

  • Oct 6 - Foundations of Permaculture - Bonners Ferry Instructors: Sean & Ryan

  • Home Herbalist Program in Cocolalla, Idaho 2019

Permaculture in Practice Series

20% discount for enrolling in the entire series $150

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    8/18 10 AM: In this workshop you will learn permaculture principles as they relate to water. We will explore several methods and techniques of slowing, spreading, sinking and storing water in order to make your homestead or property more resilient.


    9/15 10AM: In this workshop you will learn to balance obtaining short term yields of food, fuel and medicine with long term yields through a permaculture lens.


    9/29 10 AM: In this workshop you will learn how to eliminate external inputs, harmonize and work with nature instead of fighting against it & why it makes more sense to rely on indigenous microorganisms and stop tilling or using pesticides.


    10/13 10 AM: In this workshop you will learn methods and techniques to quickly build soil through a permaculture lens.

Permaculture in Practice Series

20% discount

The Permaculture in Practice series gives you a valuable introduction to methods and strategies to improve the resiliency and yield potential of your property. Signing up for the series also gives you a valuable discount. Don't wait. Only 8 slots are available at the discounted price.
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Permaculture in Practice: Water Strategies

August 18, 10 AM - 3 PM Instructor: Sean

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Permaculture in Practice: Water Strategies

What can you expect?

  • Learn to calculate and design a rainwater catchment system

  • Learn Permaculture Principles as they relate to water

  • Learn to read the landscape in order to understand water flows

  • Explore ponds, swales and keyline design

  • Participate in soil ripping and observe a spring

  • Explore several methods & techniques of slowing, spreading, sinking, & storing water

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for Water Strategies

Permaculture in Practice: Obtaining a Yield

Sept 15 10AM - 3 PM Instructor - Sean

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In this workshop you will learn to

  • Balance short-term yields of food, fuel & medicine with long-term yield through a permaculture lens

  • Stack functions to increase yield

  • Utilize season extension for short-term yield

  • Plan a yield season

  • Plant tree crops for people and animals

  • Identify fuel wood trees and foster their growth

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Obtaining a Yield

Permaculture in Practice: Alternative Agricultural Practices

Sept 29 10 AM - 3 PM Instructor- Ryan

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  • Korean Natural Farming

  • Biodynamic Farming

  • Regenerative agriculture methods

  • Reduce or eliminate external inputs

  • Use what is around you

  • Focus on building the soil

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Alternative Agricultural Practices

Permaculture in Practice: Soil Building

Oct 13, 10 AM - 3 PM Instructor: Ryan

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In this workshop you will learn methods and techniques to quickly build soil through a permaculture lens.

  • Understand how the biology in the soil is the key

  • Collect indigenous microbes for soil resiliency

  • Compost for soil building

  • Ferment probiotic inoculates for soil health

  • Use compost teas for adding benficial microbes

  • Utilize animal partners

  • Plant ground covers and use cover crops

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Foundations of Permaculture

10/6 8 AM - 4 PM Bonners Ferry - Sean & Ryan

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Learn the fundamentals of permaculture: Prime directives, ethics, principles & more.

  • Understand the ethics & principles

  • Learn basics of analysis & design

  • Build a basic guild of plants that are suitable for North Idaho

  • Explore ways to integrate animals

  • Visit sites to learn to observe through a permaculture lens

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Learn More About the New Home Herbalist Program

Starting March 9, 2019 and running for 8 months in North Idaho!

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Senior Instructor

Sean Mitzel

Sean earned his Master's in Business as well as Military Studies before he studied to become a Permaculture Designer and retiring from the Marine Corps after 24 years of service. He decided to put his knowledge & experience to work by teaching, consulting, & speaking on Planning (personal and homesteading), Project Management, Homesteading Skills, Permaculture & Plant Propagation/Cultivation. He has a passion for helping people achieve their dreams and he knows how to help them get there! He spends his days walking his property, observing his land, propagating plants (he's an addict), planting trees, reading, creating online courses, raising animals, teaching, speaking, consulting with clients and most importantly enjoying his family. He is also a Master Gardener and Master Forest Steward and continues to pursue more education in Project Management, Advanced Permaculture Design & Agroforestry.


Ryan Herring

Ryan Herring is a Mechanical/Plumbing piping designer for L&S Engineering. He worked for an indoor hydroponic cannabis farm where he diagnosed plant health and made nutrients and specialty microbial teas and ferments for about 9months. He graduated the Spokane Master Composter program in 2013 and graduated from the WSU Master Gardener program in 2014. In 2015 he continued his journey and obtained a Permaculture Design Certificate from Skeeter Pilarski and the Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild. He continues to be an active member of the Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild and has been teaching Soils and Regenerative Agriculture/gardening to the local community. Ryan has been active member in the regional Inland Northwest Biodynamic Group since the fall of 2014. He practices and consults on Biodynamic farming and gardening in the Inland Northwest. Most recently he joined the Fellowship of Prep Makers and the Evaluation Group that works with the BD Association to define qualitative standards for soils, composts, foods and preparations. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family of six.

Master Herbalist & Nutritionist

Monica Mitzel

Monica has been studying and using herbal medicine since 1995. In 2013 she decided to take her hobby to a higher level and studied to become a Master Herbalist. She studied through online courses with Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, Heart of Herbs, Foundation in Herbalism by Christopher Hobbs, Evolutionary Herbalism, as well as Eclectic School of Medicine. She has attended workshops and herbal conferences to round out her studies. She has a passion to teach others to know, use and incorporate herbs into their every day life. Her second hobby is cooking! She loves it and enjoys making her own recipes and learning new, creative ways to use the food they grow on their homestead. She is a full-time Homesteader & Homeschool Mom of 7 (mostly grown, only 2 are left at home, and all but one have graduated!) She spends her days on the homestead tending her herb garden, making herbal medicine, creating online courses, apprenticing new herbalists, teaching workshops, speaking, reading, and cooking with her daughter, Linde. She is also a Master Gardener & Master Forest Steward.


  • Can I reserve my spot and pay at the workshop?

    We have done this in the past but have seen lack of follow-through. The only way to reserve your spot in any of our workshops is to pay up front. Until we receive payment we cannot guarantee availability.

  • Can I get a refund if I can't make it?

    We will refund 1/2 of the price of the workshop if you have to cancel at least 2 weeks in advance. Within 2 weeks there is no refund. You are paying to reserve the space.

  • Can we bring children?

    Mature children are welcome to come to any workshop if you pay for a spot for them. Small children tend to be a distraction and we want everyone to be able to hear and learn.

  • Can I bring my well-behaved dog(s)?

    Although we enjoy animals we ask that you please leave your pets at home. We are a working homestead with working dogs. We also don't like dogs being left in vehicles particularly during the hot summer months. Thanks for understanding!